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Mon, Dec. 12, 2016

In Western culture, combat is often associated with physical hostility, a zero-sum game where only one side wins through the violent or even fatal use of force.


Paul and Jordan talk to real-life ninja and weaponsmith, Matthew Wright, about the Eastern view of combat and, perhaps surprisingly, just how much of it has less to do with fighting than restraint. Having first met Matthew at Toronto's major Japanese animation festival, Anime North, Paul and Jordan also discuss with Matthew the search for deeper meaning among the festival's millennial attendees and how it is manifested in the impressive cosplay they take part in yearly.

Learn more about Matthew at ninedirections.com  

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Anime North 2016

Paul and Jordan stopped by Anime North 2016 in Toronto and met Matthew Wright, a bladesmith and martial artist who runs a sword shack at the convention!

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